This piece of mind is worth soso much .. .. my recommendation is that if you’re going to be Protected in case you fall sick from work and lose income… make sure you’re with and are Properly Protected!


It wasn’t a lot of money to take out, I am not even penalised for claiming at all, and I received all the help, emails, phone calls and a visit from them to support my claim and keep me informed of what I am entitled to.

David Anderson

Thankfully I was definitely PROPERLY PROTECTED. I received a Lump sum initially for the fractures and hospital stay, and now receive a tax-free benefit.

Mike Josh

I have had to have a lot of surgery and metal work to keep it together and have limited movement even now. As well as spending time in hospital. It does look like I may even have to have a bone graft still. So, more months of being unable to work, with no sick pay.

kevin D

Glad I got the cover in place as I had a big high side causing a distal humorous compound fracture, I basically completely smashed my elbow up.


I took the policy out with SimonFarquharat Properly Protected to cover me at the tracks and when racing at Thundersport last year. I was recommended by many to go with Properly Protected.


I highly recommend Simon and the plans he sold me, I only had cover for 2 weeks when I had a motorcycle accident with severe breaks.

This has led to me being off for over 8 months and still off work now due to complications. I have had to pay for private treatment and additional costs to try and get things sorted sooner as the NHS didn’t seem to know what they were doing,

Without the continuous payment from the insurance that I took out for accidents and sickness I would not have been able to maintain my living expenses or help pay towards getting fitter quicker. Thanks to Simon and his recommendation it gave my what I needed when I immediately needed it and even before I made a payment!

Tania Emmens

When your at work, life is going great, you never think you’ll need Income Protection but thank goodness I did. November 2013, I had to go off sick from work with joint pain, which was diagnosed to be arthritis. So for nearly two years I have been claiming and receiving a payment. Never think Income Protection is just for accidents it covers all new illnesses as well.


Working with you to get the right policy allows me to now have piece of mind. I can participate in my sport events and know my family will be ok if I were to have an accident. Thank you.


Now I can rest while my son is out being aggressive during his motorcross races.


Fantastic customer service. Thank you for all your help.